The beginning

Sorema story begins one Spring Monday in 1974 when Manuel Relvas and his son Duarte Relvas decided to open a company to produce textile coating products for cars. Duarte had just graduated in Economics and full of ideas got the help of his father that had already some experience in the textile segment.

One year later, due to the Portuguese revolution and the loss of the biggest costumer a big shift took place and started the production of bath textiles, since the machinery used was the same.

Money was tight so Duarte asks his wife Maria to help him in the company. With a very small team but with a huge passion to the company that still can be found today, the first Sorema Bath Rug was born, and they were delighted with the result.

Manuel were also painter and art teacher, so he had strong design competencies that used to create the first unique products of the company, that soon started to be noticed in the market.

Product development and design was since then the moto of our company, which is the oldest existing in Europe producing Bath Rugs.


A New generation takes over

Today Sorema is a third generation family business.

Duarte having three children that spent most of the childhood free times and holidays helping their parents in the company cannot bear to see their father and grandfather work come to nothing, and therefore decide to join the team.

At this time, Sorema consists of little more than 20 employees, and were selling only to the internal Portuguese market. They were sure they have a unique product that could be sold to design bath textile enthusiasts around the world – in this way started the export market in sorema that represents about 95% of the business by now.

With Sorema bath rugs under his arm, Duarte visits the finest furniture and design shops around the world and soon people started to recognize our products potential. More and more people fall in love with Sorema bath rugs, and started to sell our products in the most prestige stores around the world like The Conran Shop (in London), Shelfridges (UK), ABC Carpet (NY), El Corte Ingles (Spain) among others. Duarte and their sons knew they were on the right track.

Today, Duarte one of the founders had the help of three of his children Duarte, Andre and Ricardo, who together with a committed team of employees and a growing range of products continue adding chapters to the Sorema story.

Growing family of products

Since 1974, Sorema collection has grown into a large family with a wide range of products. The original bath rugs has been supplemented by other textile products for the bathroom, specially our premium bath towels. The Sorema DNA arising from the first products is today continued by our chief designer and her team. “Functionality and distinctive idiom based on high quality materials and special manufacturing process are the pillars of the Sorema DNA and represent the common thread between the past, present and future of our collections”.

The principle that the material and workmanship define the product is consistent across all collection whether a bath rug, bath towel or a bath mat is.

When we design a new product, we consider it before, during and after the development process as a too, that must stand the daily wear. We always aim to develop something that is better than what is already on the market.

The first Graccioza corner store

On 1 May of 2006 Graccioza flagship corner store open its doors in Madrid – El Corte Inglês. Here the complete Graccioza collection is presented on 25 square meters – from the classic bath rugs to innovative bath towels and bathroom accessories.

Our ambition has been to create a retail concept that reflects our tradition. Therefore we decided to develop the store concept on the same principle as if it was a Sorema product – unique through its function, materials and with a simple design.

Others followed the first store and by 2008 we were already in more than 50 locations like Copenhagen – Magasin du Nord, Shanghai, Toronto, Lisbon among others.

Our World

Having 40 years of know-how in our field, Sorema is recognized as a distinguished provider of bath linens. All our products are manufactured in Portugal and we are proud to deliver to every continent.

Each Sorema creation is a result of excellence combining our passion for delivering high quality with unique details. Our premium linens are pioneering within European modern living, considering both design and comfort.

Our market knowledge and wide range, combined with our investment in the latest production and communication technology, ensure that we meet all our clients requirements – for choice, quality and service.

Our story

Discover Sorema Story, with more than 40 years’ experience in the production of premium linens.

Our family

Meet the People who make us Sorema

We have over 120 persons within our different locations ready to serve you, giving amazing minds a place to create amazing work.

Everyone at Sorema is here for a reason. They are passionate or honest or creative or focused or resourceful or intelligent or they have a healthy amount of integrity. These characteristics are within everyone. And they make Sorema a family.

Not departments. Not partners. Not managers. We are all part of one team, charged with finding the right solution for our clients.

Do not live behind a title. Do not live behind a job description. Join in. Cross boundaries. Share insight. Be bold. Get uncomfortable. Lead the way. Grab the flag. Find the answer. Join the team. Out of many mouths, we create one voice.

Our city... Porto

This is one of Europe's oldest tourist destinations.

The city unfolds along the river bank and the sea shore, to reveal charming vistas, inviting esplanades and all the pleasures of the outdoors, framed by its green spaces.

But setting out to discover Porto means bumping into surprise after surprise.

Sorema Energy


We have a Cogeneration facility (Sorema Energia), which provides steam and hot water, producing energy to the national power grid. Cogeneration systems—also called combined heat and power (CHP) systems—are designed to generate both heat and power.

GE’s Jenbacher CHP systems use the waste heat created during an engine’s operation to generate overall plant efficiencies of over 90%. This efficient and economical method of energy conversion achieves energy savings of roughly 40% by using a gas engine cogeneration system instead of separate power and heat generation equipment.