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Meticulous attention to detail and quality is a part of each product. Balancing classicism and modern evolutions, Sorema signature style comprises daring combinations of colour, fibers & innovative materials.

Each Sorema product is the result of a unique heritage and tradition of excellence.

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Bath rugs

Quality you can rely on.


Products on which we have built our reputation, Sorema bath rugs offer excellence at every level.

We use the finest, extra-long 100% pure cotton yarns that can be blended with silk, bamboo, linen or cashmere. We employ the best possible manufacturing techniques to bring extra softness, extra absorbency, anti-pilling, anti-shrink to our mats.

We use the latest technology and the strictest monitoring to control and check everything from structure to colour.

We finish our products impeccably. And last, we guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Our selected fibers:
Cool Cashmere; Premium Silk; Eco-soft Bambo; Unique Linen; Quick-Dry Acrylic; Pure Cotton.

Our selected constructions:
Piece Dyed; Yarn Dyed; Structured; Loop; Differential dyeing; Cute loop; Reversible; Cute pile.

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Bath towels

Discover a new pleasure in life.


Like our bath rugs, Sorema towels are manufactured to the highest standards – from start to finish.

Woven using extra-long loops of the finest cotton, they have a far superior softness and absorbency than standard terry toweling, and an exceptional, ultra-luxurious fabric.

Treated to resist pilling and some of them pre-washed to defy fading or shrinkage, they can be meticulously finished with rounded corners, single-seam binding and double stitching for lasting elegance and durability.

Available in an expressive range of colours and sizes, including an extra-large luxury bath sheet: all perfectly matched to our premium bath rugs.

Our selected constructions: Jacquard; Yarn Dyed; Piece Dyed; Pre-washed; Zero-Twist; Organic Cotton.

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Bath mats

New bath rug product concept.


Lighter and thinner than a traditional bath rug our Sorema bath mats, cotton woven bath rugs, feature unmatched quality, texture and absorbency:

  • 100% cotton
  • Soft loops assure a comfortable post-shower spot
  • Made in Europe

Our selected fibres:

Pure Cotton

A tribute to nature

Cotton has been making the world a softer place for centuries. Of all the natural fibres, it has the longest tradition and the best reputation for softness, strength and comfort.

There is no better material for bath rugs and Sorema selects the finest combed cotton yarns available.

Unique linen

The expression of a lifestyle

Blessed with an easy-living appeal that has made it a modern favorite, linen has been revered since ancient times for its strength, absorbency and natural elegance.

Softened with premium cotton and created in a palette of natural hues, Sorema’s unique linen bath rugs make a relaxed and stylish statement.

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