Environmental and Quality Policy

Clients satisfaction

Supplying products with the demands and specifications of our clients, with ease, at a low cost and complying with all the legal requirment which apply to the activities and services developed by the company.

Further understand that the satisfaction of our clients is the foundation to our business success and, with that taken into consideration, identify their needs through the development of solutions.

The active collaboration with the suppliers and other interested parts in order to achieve a common interest, that will furtherly guarantee a mutual success.

Collaborators involvement

Promote and appreciate workers and team work, valuing an effective communication between all with the partition of success and personal satisfaction. Spread this policy to all collaborators, associating their commitments which are assumed by the company and develop their active participation in management.

Ensure the existence of human and material resources which make viable the fulfilment of our goals taken on by the company, as well as the formation of all the company's collaborators.

Pollution prevention and our continuous improvement

Identify and control the aspects of the environmental impacts of all our activities. Prevent pollution. Privilege to waste reduction, recycling and the re-utilization of residue produced, as well as the resource optimization.

Continuously improve the quality, productivity and environmental performance, through the establishment and continuous revision of our goals and our objectives. Foment creativity, innovation and process development.

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